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What do I want?

One of the first questions you can expect from a coach. For most people, this is a hard question to answer. Why? We spend a lot of time satisfying the wants and needs of others and not as much time thinking about our own. When you think of your life in the following areas-what do you want?

  1. work

  2. spiritual/emotional/personal growth

  3. social/fun

  4. finances

  5. community

  6. health and body

  7. intimate relationship

As you consider what you want in each of these areas, ask yourself if the way you conduct each day is helping you attain the life you want?

It is so easy to lose track of our own desires as we fill our day with meetings and our nights with home responsibilities. When we lose focus, it feels like our goals are elusive. Each day passes and then the years and we are still in the same place. How can you shake free?

Examine each day. Many people will journal how they are spending their time. Are those meetings helping you reach a goal? Are you getting enough help with your home responsibilities? How much time are you spending watching TV or on social media? Is that time serving you? What can you change to get where you want to go, to get back on track.

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