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Unlock You | Angela Noble Life Coaching


Choose from a suite of services designed to support you as an individual, group or part of a team. 

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A complimentary 30-minute session to get to know your coach and the coaching process.
Introductory Sessions
The highest level of personalization, individual sessions are available in 6 and 10- session packages. 
Session 1 is an exploratory session using whole person coaching.  In sessions 2-6, you choose the areas of your life (work, health, spiritual, community, recreation, relationships and, finances) you want to focus on.  During the final session, you can sign up for more or simply end the coaching relationship.
Individual Sessions
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Sharing experiences and learning from others is one of the tremendous benefits of group coaching. In small groups discuss common challenges faced at work, home or in community.  Sessions will be offered monthly in packages of 3 sessions.  
Group Sessions
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Teams can benefit from life coaching as well. Bring your team together to commit to operating at its highest level with the help of a coach. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.
Team Sessions
Summer retreats focused on a common challenge.  Come together with others who are or have faced the same challenge.  2-3 day sessions.  Room and Board included.
Retreats - Coming soon...
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